Friday, July 8, 2011


You learn something new everyday – or so the saying goes. Well, I’ve now been teaching cooking classes at The Kids’ Table for over 4 years and feeding my own children for over 11. It’s been quite the learning experience, and still is! The knowledge I’ve amassed ranges from the useful, to the humorous, to the mundane, to the borderline earth-shattering. But knowledge is of limited use unless it can be exchanged and expanded upon. If you were to come to one of our cooking classes, or just wander into The Kids’ Table on a neighborhood jaunt, you’d likely get an earful about our latest adventures and culinary discoveries. And we’d get to hear about your cooking and dining experiences – trials and triumphs alike. While blogging is hardly a substitute for face-to-face interaction, I’m willing to embrace it as the next best thing (a huge leap for the technologically-challenged, like myself).

Through this blog, I hope to create a forum for sharing my thoughts on anything related to food, kids and health – from tips and tricks for enticing picky eaters, to healthy school lunch ideas, to time saving tactics in the kitchen, to tasty family-friendly recipes, to exploring the mysterious world of superfoods. I invite you to follow along, and encourage you to join in the conversation!

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