Thursday, June 19, 2014

Strawberry Rhubarb Parfaits

Tis the season of strawberries and rhubarb! Enjoy it while it lasts. You can get strawberries year round. But they won't hold a candle to what you can find at your local farmers' market right now. And rhubarb is one of those rare veggies (yup, technically a vegetable!) that is hard to find outside of its late spring/early summer season.

We use this unstoppable duo to make a compote. Stirring the chopped strawberries in after cooking down the rhubarb preserves a nice freshness and texture. We pair it here with Greek-style yogurt and a tasty whole grain crumble topping. Try full fat yogurt swirled with a touch of honey, or vanilla ice cream for a more decadent treat. Make a double or triple batch of the compote - its uses are endless!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Asparagus Sunflower Pesto

We love pesto because it's fresh, versatile, delicious, and surprisingly easy to make! So easy that kids got to make it with us at Green City Market this past weekend using a really neat manual food processor (coming very soon to our retail store!).

In this spring-y play on traditional pesto, we use asparagus in addition to basil. The raw sunflower seeds stand in really well for pine nuts. And in our market version, we used Brunkow's Little Darling cheese instead of parmesan. We served the pesto as a spread on Potter's Classic Wheat Crackers. It also makes a great pasta sauce, pizza base, or sandwich spread. Enjoy!