Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Why The "Kids' Table" Is the Best Place to Be

I founded The Kids' Table over 8 years ago now. The name for a business that teaches hands-on cooking classes for kids and families came almost effortlessly. You've got the literal interpretation of it, as a place where kids get to cook and eat at tables, with tools, and in an environment tailored to them. And the more whimsical and nostalgic feelings that childhood memories of "the kids' table" invokes for many.

We know that "the kids' table" means different things to different people. And we want to know what it means to YOU! We just launched a Photo Contest so you can show us how "the kids' table" is the best place to be. Maybe it's a memory from your own childhood, or memories you're creating with your kids now. Maybe it's cooking together. Or picking apples. Or setting a beautiful table. Or picnicking in the park. Or sharing a takeout pizza on a busy weeknight. We hope you'll share your "kids' table" with us - because sharing is caring (and there's an amazing prize in store for the winner!).